celebrate your ecstatic soul

Daily attendance to body and breath is a potent practice that should be given the priority amongst spiritual practices. Practices of body, breath and intimacy belong as they were originally conceived on the high pedestal of spiritual practice from which everything comes. We emphasize the means not the goal. We are the goal. Yoga is our adventure with life, not an attempt to know anything. The only reason we do Yoga is for the literal pleasure of our systems relaxing and filling with energy. Yoga is not an attempt to enjoy a future result. Soon you will feel the certainty of your own authenticity. You will be able to stand in your own ground in life and in yoga.
So practice Yoga: Explore and discover. Embrace your true nature and affirm your connection to the divine. Feel your natural state, your reality in body, mind and spirit. Find your adventures, go anywhere you like, take what there is, find out all about it. Let your eyes show your feelings, look into everything, see what you can see. Dance, move, breathe and sing – be still, listen, contemplate – you will be one vital human being and feel your soul celebrating in ecstasy.
JIVA is your individual, free soul, ANAND means bliss, ecstasy – JIVA/ANAND YOGA: “celebrate your ecstatic soul!”

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