Bali – off the beaten path

… in a secluded part of Bali… far away from the crowd… yet still a paradise for surfers and us yogis …

Retreat Informationen

The setting for our retreat and our shala is spectacular: natural caves and ancient stone carvings offer a romantic backdrop to walks across the cliff top and around the adjacent headlands, rice paddies, coconut groves and deserted beaches. It is the perfect place for a yoga retreat & surfing holiday.

There are 3 beaches in walking distance:

* a black volcanic beach bay with a peaceful river mouth breaking left and right over rock and sand

* our resort’s Small Secret Bay – in front of the resort

* a stretch of 30 km of beautiful deserted beach

The real Bali at last! Our resort is far enough from the bustle of Kuta and Legian. A nearby village offers a few shops: mini market, bank, pharmacy, post office. A night market from 5:00 pm and a handful of restaurants and warungs (small roadside food-shack).

Beach Resort

Our Beach Resort is a small resort in a big location. With only 12 villas in a huge tropical garden of two hectares. The resort overlooks its own private beach carved into the volcanic rock.

Each villa discreetly nestles within its own walled garden offering views across palm fringed gardens to the rugged Balian beach coastline. Private terraces invite you to lounge amidst the clouds and the crowns of palm trees. All the villas have been built for privacy, views and comfort. The 27 meter hotel long pool is built around the shape of a rice terrace.

Our resort is family run with a Balinese staff that comes from surrounding villages.

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Indonesia / Bali / Beach Retreat

28. April – 8. Mai 2019

Yoga Seminar Cost 
€ 790.-

Student discount for students under 27 years: 30% discount (members: no age limit).

Beach resort in a spectacular setting with a 27-meter pool.

Standard Villa: 10 days/ 2 meals / (USD 700.- p.p. double room sharing)

Hotel contact details upon confirmed retreat booking. Participants to manage booking on their own.

Organized by students themselves.

English speaking students
Our english travel site will be online soon…


Yoga Schedule

The Retreat is open for Beginners and Advanced. Morning classes are all level classes with Asana-Variation for Beginners and Advanced. We will be teaching in English and/or German as needed.

Yoga Sessions 2x a day: Asana / Meditation / Pranayama /Kirtan / (1 morning free for sleeping after night market)

including 2 Workshops: * Easy Principles of physical and energetic alignment /  * Kriyas / * Self-Practice Learning Nuggets

Morning Yoga Sessions: Gentle Classes – perfect wake up with easy movements and gentle stretches. We will be teaching techniques for establishing a sensible home practice.

Evening Yoga Sessions:  Balanced vinyasa for deepening your practice. We focus on individual approaches to enhance your experience.

At all Times: we will make sure that you stay within your physical and mental comfort zone – whatever that means for you – to ensure a nourishing retreat experience that you will profit from for a long time.

Practice, feel loved and nourished. The Ancient wisdom is about truly relaxing, and sensing the depth of your being as you observe and experience the outer world. When you relax deeply, you realize your essential nature – your inner peace of being. When you perceive the outer world from this state of peace, you are not troubled or disturbed.

Joy, bliss, ecstasy then flows from the experience of being at ease and free of mental and physical tension. 

This, in essence, is the heart and soul of yoga – to drop all tension, such that the depth of you is revealed, to release all tension so that you feel your soul celebrating in blissful ecstasy.

„It is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your experiences completely and look at them anew, not keep on repeating them like machines. You would then let fresh air into your mind. Wouldn’t you? This place must be of great beauty with trees, birds, and quietness, for beauty is truth and truth is goodness and love.“

J. Krishnamurti.