Om Namah Shivaya

The Source of Love is his/her name and form.

He/She is present in all and transcends all…

the source of space, air, fire, water and the earth that hold us all.

Fire is in his head, sun and moon his eyes…

the air his breath, the universe his heart…

the Lord of Love is the innermost source of all. – Upanishaden


The sounding of Shiva’s drum creates time and rhythm in the unfolding of creation.

Five beats evoke a five sylable mantra with each sound creating a different element:

Namah Shivaya

NA * creates ether

MA * creates air

SHI * creates fire

VA * creates water

YA * creates earth

Ether (akash) is the pure space that first manifests from consciousness.

Pure space is filled with or consists of vibrating particles that easily transition from energy into matter and back.

When ether takes on form as gases it transitions into the air principle which is movement or vata.

When movement intensifies, heat emerges as the fire (agni) principle which is metabolism.

Intense heat transforms matter into fluid states, the water principle (apas or jala) emerges.

From water the earth principle (prithivi) evolves.

Like all life also our body, mind and spirit are made up of these 5 elements. Our five sense organs – ears, skin, eyes, tongue, and nose – and their qualities – sound, touch, vision, taste and smell – are governed by the principles of the five elements.

Wether you are aware of all this or not, wether you like to ponder and reflect on the implications or even dive deep into ayurvedic knowledge……for me nothing is beyond practicing close to nature and the benefits will come.

Breathe in, breathe out – give, receive – let go of your thoughts, emotions everything that takes you out of the HERE & NOW…and you will receive…you will feel the movement of the sea inside….practicing close to the ocean will pacify your water principle and strengthen it’s positive qualities:

* movement with balance & harmony

*positive reaction to challenge

*staying cool in the fire

*moving energy down and out